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Ultra Skyrunning Madeira (USM) is an event made up of five races, where Madeira Sky Race (MSR) stands out, which in 2016 reached the highest level of world Skyrunning, integrating the Skyrunner® World Series of the ISF -International Skyrunning Federation. Madeira Island and the municipality of Santana thus sees its place consolidated in the world of Skyrunning, being part of a restricted range of events that make up the world circuit of the sport. In 2017 the USM event gains a new challenge, with the inclusion of an event in the Vertical Kilometer® World Circuit, the Santana Vertical Kilometer®, which in 2023 will celebrate the seventh edition of one of the toughest and most beautiful Vertical Kilometer races.

The Ultra Skyrunning Madeira takes place in Santana, a municipality in the north of the island of Madeira, recognized since 2011, as a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. It is known for the typical thatched houses, symbol of Madeira and Portugal and for encompassing a wide variety of environments such as the Laurissilva forest, mountainous areas such as Pico Ruivo (1861 m), the highest point on the island of Madeira that offers us breathtaking views over the central mountainous massif, Pico Canário (1592 m) and magnificent coastal cliffs of the north of the island. The event will promote Madeira’s natural spaces for sports practice, especially for technical difficulty running in Skyrunning, associating the touristic potential of the footpaths, fauna and flora, culture and traditions. Skyrunning is a sport that has been growing exponentially in various countries in the world, especially Italy and France. This sport was created in the early 90s, setting new records for ascents and races on Mont Blanc and Monte Rosa and others in the Himalayas, Mont Kenia and the Mexican volcanoes.