07:15- Athletes participating in Santana Vertical Kilometer must gather at the parking car of Restaurante Quinta do Furão to be transported until the place of pre-departure of the race 

07:45 – Start of the athletes transport 

09:00 – Departure of the first Santana Vertical Kilometer® athletes

12:30 – Start of transport of atletes from Achada do Teixeira to the Hotel/Restaurant 

Quinta do Furão

14:00 – Awards Ceremony – Hotel/Restaurant Quinta do Furão

05:15 – Opening of the events center – Santana Town Hall

06:00 – Start of the  Madeira Sky Race – MSR 45km

09:30 – Start of the Santana Sky Race – SSR 22km

11:00 – Start of the Ferret Sky Race – FSR 12km

11:06 – Arrival of the first athlete of MSR 45km to the finish line (estimated)

11:50 – Arrival of the first athlete of SSR 22km to the finish line (estimated)

12:10 – Arrival of the first athlete of FSR 12km to the finish line (estimated)

16:00 – Start of the KIDS Sky Race (Parque Temático de Santana)

17:00 – KIDS, USM, SSR and MSR Award Ceremony – Events Center